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Our pride and joy.

All of our equipment is of surgical standard and sterile upon use. All of our piercers are trained by seasoned professionals in the industry for at least two years and they will attend annual piercing association seminars during that time for the most up-to-date information in the industry. All of our body jewellery is made from medical implant-grade materials and it's sourced from industry renowned vendors and manufacturers worldwide. 

While that may sound impressive, it can seem like a lot of jiberish to a newbie. We do our best to educate our clients with advice and written information because the practice has taught us that a well-informed piercee will usually have a better experience before, during, and after their visit.

You can book appointments by following the link below and you can browse our jewellery by following the shop tab. If you need any additional information about a piercing you're considering getting, feel free to reach out to us by going to the contact page!


All jewellery bought here can be fitted free of charge. We can also customize the colour of our titanium pieces in a matter of minutes using an anodizing process in-house. Cleaning services include sterilization via vacuum autoclave or scale and polish with an ultrasonic bath and steam treatment. 

Now, we aren't the cheapest piercing studio around. Nor do we want to be. Quality jewellery, equipment, and competent staff are all expensive which is why you'll find you generally get what you pay for.

We're very proud of the value for money we offer though, providing the best service possible for a reasonable price has helped carry us through many years of business so far!

Below you'll find our price list for piercings. Visit our web store by clicking the "shop" tab on the menu if you seek merch or jewellery. You can also call the studio for any other pricing inquiries. 

Health & Safety

All of our jewellery and non-disposable tools such as clamps and forceps are treated using an ultrasonic bath and vacuum autoclave steriliser prior to use in accordance with Environmental Health policies and regulations. 

Every piercing here is done using single use, disposable implements. Nothing that touches one client will touch another. Our hygiene protocol ensures zero chance of cross contamination.  

For your peace of mind you will witness all materials being removed from their respective sterile packages during the piercing process.

We have all of our equipment tested daily and serviced annually to ensure consistent performance.


Before we get started you will be made aware of health risks associated with your desired piercing and afterwards you will receive appropriate and explicit aftercare advice from an expert.

Below is our aftercare information sheet also provided to you post piercing.

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