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Casting off externally threaded jewellery.

As of now, it seems most reputable studios in this neck of the woods have decided to cast off externally threaded body jewellery in favour of internally threaded or even threadless body jewellery. Here I'll talk about our own experience switching and the motivation for doing so. You can see what the APP think about internal threading by visiting their website.

I learned how to pierce with external and, for some time, it was all I knew. It wasn't until I turned my attention to the variety of jewellery we had in stock I realised a problem; men would generally pick plain metal and women would mostly choose from a selection of coloured crystals that were featured in just one setting. On a quest to broaden our collection without dropping standards I happened upon a video featuring J.C Potts where he name dropped a few foreign jewellery manufacturers with an excellent reputation as well as highlighted the main reason I was struggling to find a diverse catalogue of externally threaded jewellery. I'll leave a link below to honour his work.

Fast forward two months and I had managed to procure our first small collection of Industrial Strength body jewellery, some of which I still have today. It was almost triple the price of anything we had in stock at that time and I felt proud to own it. The pieces elicited shock and awe among regular clients, which in turn provided me with a talking point that paved the way toward a drastically more appealing showroom. In the years following, I was able to source more interesting jewellery from other acclaimed manufacturers that was both equally as expensive and more cost effective while maintaining the "medical grade" standard. Eventually, all of our stock would be internally threaded or threadless and we still aren't looking back today.

Building new, exciting displays of distinctively beautiful body jewellery is a joyous endeavour of mine. I feel every new addition adds personality to the studio and that's evident in our ability to better accommodate people from all walks of life when they visit us. Now that threading has been explored we're turning our attention to various metals that are also used for body jewellery, like gold and platinum.

Three pieces of jewellery with different threadings.
External, Internal, Threadless

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